Fun Stuff

WWW Feature Pages

o Best of the Web Contest
o GNN Best of the Net
o Whole Internet Catalog Celebrity Hotlist of the Week
o Newsweeks's Cyberscope Features

Cool Sites

o Random links from...
  o URoulette ( home page)
  o Yahoo
  o AltaVista
o Rob's Multimedia Lab -- pictures, sound, movies,...the works
o Useless Stuff -- one of the truly great sites on the net
o The Web Voyeur -- a collection of on-line video cameras
o Appalachian Trail Home Page
o Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour

Fun WWW Utilities

o The Current Time from the US Naval Observatory
o Make a greeting card on WWW
o Button Slogans

Games & Toys!!!

o Steve Jackson Games
o Delta Tao
o Cheapass Games
o Looney Labs
o The Civilization Page
o Die Siedler von Catan ( english rules, FAQ)
o Chris's gaming page
o LEGO Information

o Boulder Games
o Funagain Games
o The Game Cabinet


o The Keepers of Lists
o View the pig latin version of this page (brought to you by jrantane)
o View the Sweedish Chef version of this page (brought to you by The Dialectizer)
o Shakespearean Insult Server
o The Principia Discordia
o Tarot Readings


Last modified 05/24/2004