Baby Registry Information

We've registered for a few items at Babies R Us, and are still working on the registry there. If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it at Babies R Us, registry number 75652216.

We've really only registered for things we have a definite preference on, but there are lots of other things we need -- we hope that people who want to give us a gift will enjoy making their own selections. Plus, as first-time parents, we're sure there are plenty of things we don't know we need that those of you with more experience will be more aware of.

Here's some basic information that might be helpful:

And here are some of the kinds of things we expect to need but haven't registered for:

What we already have

Other notes

We're planning to see how the cloth diapers we have for the newborn stage work out before buying larger ones. It's amazing how many choices there are out there today!

We're not planning to get a baby monitor, because we think our house isn't sufficiently soundproof to require one.