USA, 2002

Quite by accident, Rick found himself at the Monocacy National Battlefield on Memorial Day weekend.
Then he headed to Niagara Falls, because he was jealous that Henrietta got to go without him in 2000. In order to outdo her, he insisted on starring in his very first movie.
Rick thought the power station at Niagara was extremely cool. He even got to play on an old turbine!
And then the next day, Rick learned about Women's Rights at the Women's Rights National Historic Site in Seneca Falls, New York.
Toward the end of June, Rick took a drive along the George Washington Memorial Parkway, where he visited a navy memorial.
The next weekend, he visited the FDR Memorial, where he and Fala got along famously.
In August, Rick visited San Francisco again, and this time, he got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge where he experienced fog and biting wind. He perservered, however, and posed at a lookout point before crawling back into his den.
In the fall, Rick took another trip to Boston, where he learned that Longfellow lived in this house his entire adult life.
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