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0) About this FAQ

0.1) Where can I find this FAQ?

In addition to being posted every 2 weeks to the newsgroup, This FAQ file, along with other wedding-related information, can be found on the World Wide Web. The URL for the home page is:

It is also available in the standard archive sites for FAQ files, such as:

0.2) What is the basis of the opinions in this FAQ?

The opinions and views expressed in this FAQ are based on my personal knowledge and experience about wedding planning, which has been shaped by many sources, including years of reading and soc.couples. wedding, a lifetime of exposure to Miss Manners' etiquette books (Ok, not an entire lifetime. I did not read her first book until I was nearly 10 years old, because that is when it was first published), input from other readers of these newsgroups, and an abiding interest in the subject which has caused me to read anything that came my way on the subject and to discuss the topic frequently with anyone who was interested.

When the topic in question is a matter of opinion, I have tried to show the different sides of the issue, regardless of my personal opinion.

When the topic is a question of what is proper, I have tried to give the answer which reflects the correct etiquette, based on my reading of etiquette books and discussions with people whose opinions I value. Etiquette is a tool to provide solutions to common situations in order to make people feel comfortable. It can be viewed as the "generic" way to do things, when you have no particular reason for doing it another way. If you think your guests will be more comfortable with a different solution, by all means do that.

This FAQ does have a strong bias toward customs in the United States. This is the culture with which I am personally most familiar.

0.3) Recent Changes

0.4) About the WWW page

The WWW page is found at:

and contains a wide variety of informational files, including information on buying diamonds and engagement rings, photography and video, music, popular readings, and lists of gifts for anniversaries.

The contents of this document are copyright 2004 Sonja Kueppers. Do not use without permission.

Last Modified: May 15, 2004