Erika sleeping
5 weeks old

Erika Kueppers Pfeifer

Born November 3, 2004 at 10:39 a.m.

8 lb 5 oz (3770 grams), 21.25" (54 cm) long

12/3/04: 10 lb, 2 oz (4593 grams), 22" (56 cm) long

1/5/05: 11 lb, 13 oz (5358 grams), 23 3/8" (59 cm) long

Pictures from Erika's first month

Erika's current pictures

Erika smiling in her carseat
Erika smiling in her carseat (5 weeks old)
Erika in overalls
Erika in overalls (6 weeks old)
Erika snoozing in sling
Erika still loves to be held while sleeping (7 weeks old)
Erika in Baby Bjorn, looking at playing cards
Erika helping John bid (7 weeks old)
Erika sitting in Sonja's lap
Erika and Sonja on Christmas Morning (7 weeks old)
John holding Erika, Christmas candles in foreground
John and Erika on Christmas Day (7 weeks old)
John carrying Erika in Baby Bjorn, Erika wearing knit hat
Erika and John returning from a walk (8 weeks old)
Sonja carrying Erika in a purple sling
Sonja carrying Erika in her new homemade purple sling (9 weeks old)
Erika looking over John's shoulder
Erika looking over John's shoulder (9 weeks old)

Erika rolls over! (11 weeks old)
John swinging Erika
John swinging Erika in the "airplane" position (11 weeks old)
Erika on John's lap
Erika sitting on John's lap (12 weeks old)
Erika sitting on Sonja's lap
Erika and Sonja (12 weeks old)
Erika looking around
Erika looking around (13 weeks old)