Karl smiling
All smiles (9 weeks)

Karl Kueppers Pfeifer

Born January 18, 2007 at 3:59 p.m.

9 lb 12 oz (4422 grams), 20.5" (52 cm) long

2/20/2007: 11 lb 10 oz (5273 grams), 22 3/4" (57 3/4 cm)

3/20/2007: 12 lb 14 oz (5840 grams), 24 1/4" (61 1/2 cm)

5/21/2007: 14 lb 3 oz (6435 grams), 25 1/2" (64 3/4 cm)

7/20/2007: 17 lb 7 oz (7920 grams), 26 3/4" (68 cm)

Pictures from Karl's first and second months

Karl's old site, from before he was born

Karl on his tummy, smiling
Happy baby! (11 weeks)
Karl and Erika lying next to each other
Karl was having so much fun, Erika just had to join him. (3 months, 29 months)
Karl sitting in his Bumbo seat with a toy
Karl likes the Bumbo seat. (3 months)
Karl peeking out of the sling
Karl peeking out of the sling. (3 months)
Karl sleeping
Milk coma! (3 months)
Karl in a blue swing
First swing ride. He really was having a good time, facial expression in this photo notwithstanding. (3 months)
Erika's first swing ride
Karl smiling, with blue toy
A big Mother's Day smile (3 months)
Karl sitting in high chair with toy elephant
I may not be ready for solids, but I am ready for elephants! (4 months)
Karl using a Graco Jumpster
Karl goes bouncing (4 months)
Karl standing on a bench
Karl at the airport (5 months)
Karl with his great-aunt Ulrike
With great-aunt Ulrike (5 months)
Erika with great-aunt Ulrike when she was that age
Karl standing on John in a basket swing
Swinging with dad in Mandel, Germany (5 months)
Karl playing with  a driving toy
Look ma, I'm driving! (5 months)
John feeding Karl carrots
Karl lunged for the spoon during his first taste of baby food (5 months)
Karl with a face covered with carrots
Carrots are the best! (5 months)

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