Breastfeeding Advocacy

I had trouble finding breastfeeding advocacy bumper stickers and t-shirts I liked, so I've started designing my own.

When I first decided to breastfeed Erika, I heard a lot of people say they hadn't been able to breastfeed. Even my mother said she hadn't been able to nurse us. But then I thought -- breastfeeding is something that ought to work for most women most of the time. Otherwise, none of us would be here. This t-shirt and bumper sticker are based on that idea:

Nearly Every Woman Can Breastfeed -- If that weren't true the human race would have died out long ago

You're here today because your ancestors were Breastfeeders

And then there's my take-off on the 1980's milk ad campaign:

Breastmilk. It does a baby good.

Most items are available on a variety of t-shirts at a range of prices, just click on the slogan that interests you for more information.

Last Updated: November 3, 2008