Anniversary Gifts

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     Traditional     Modern             Alt. Modern   
  1  [paper]         plastics           clocks       
  2  cotton          cotton/calico      china         
  3  leather         leather            crystal/glass 
  4  flowers         linen/silk/nylon   appliances    
  5  [wood]          wood               silverware    
  6  candy/iron      iron               wood           
  7  copper/wool     copper/wool/brass  desk sets     
  8  bronze/pottery  bronze/appliances  linens        
  9  pottery/willow  pottery            leather        
 10  [tin]           aluminum           diamond        
 11  steel           steel              jewelry        
 12  silk/linen      silk/linen         pearl          
 13  lace            lace               textiles/fur   
 14  ivory           ivory              gold           
 15  [crystal]       glass              watches        
 20  [china]         china              platinum       
 25  [silver]        silver             silver         
 30  pearl           pearl              pearl         
 35  coral           coral/jade         jade
 40  ruby            ruby/garnet        ruby           
 45  sapphire        sapphire           sapphire
 50  [gold]          gold               gold           
 55  emerald         emerald/turquoise  emerald
 60  [diamond]       gold               diamond        
 75  diamond         diamond/gold       diamond


People frequently ask me if I can think of some examples of a particular kind of gift. Most often, the question is about paper as a first anniversary gift. Here are some ideas:

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