newsgroup charter

This newsgroup is for discussing all aspects of wedding planning, from engagement through the honeymoon. Discussions include, but are not limited to, topics such as: purchasing engagement/wedding jewelry and gifts, announcing the engagement, setting a wedding date, hiring professionals such as caterers and photographers, renting facilities such as churches and halls, planning the ceremony, wedding-related etiquette, registering for gifts, selecting wedding attire, and dealing with relationship/family problems associated with wedding planning. is not limited to discussions of weddings between one man and one woman. Same-sex couples and groups of more than 2 people who are planning a wedding are also welcome to participate.

Discussions of wedding traditions from around the world are welcomed.

There is an emphasis on politeness and tact when relating to other newsgroup participants.

The group should not be used for discussions of general relationship or marriage issues, for which soc.couples is more appropriate.

Page last modified: Sunday, May 16, 2004

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