Gift Baskets for Out-of-Town Guests

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Since many of the guests (100-150) at our wedding will be from out of town, we wanted to put hospitality baskets in their hotel rooms. We were hoping to spend between $10 and $15 per basket. I knew they would be expensive, but the least inexpensive I have found so far is: a decorative gift bag which contains a few piddly things (a snack package of crackers, a snack package of nuts, and a bottle of fruit juice; I don't remember if there was anything else) with colorful tissue paper on top. This costs $13.95. etc.

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This is a great opportunity to introduce your friends and family to your hometown. They'll probably have some free time on their hands, so giving them suggestions on what they might do would be a good use of the basket. Lots of tulle and white ribbon (or your wedding colors, if suitable) will get them in the wedding mood-- plus they're cheap to decorate with. Whatever you do, have it reflect your interests/occupation/selves in some way. Good luck!

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