Wedding Planning timetable

The following is a timetable for wedding planning. I have drawn it from various sources intended for a U.S. audience, as well as my personal opinion. It may be helpful not only as a guideline for when things need to be done, but also to help you think of all the things you might need to do.

Please be aware that this is not intended as a list of "what you must do"; instead, read each item as "if you choose to do this thing, this is a rough idea of when you should do it."

Obviously, what needs to be done when varies depending on where you live (some things will require more lead time in a big city, and less in a small town) as well as your personal priorities.

This list assumes that you can figure out that once you start planning something, you may need to take further steps as you go along. For example, at some point after you order a wedding dress, the shop will receive it and you will need to go in for fittings. It is assumed that you and the shop will discuss this and figure out when to do it. Similarly, after arranging for a DJ for the reception, at some point you will need to provide a list of the music you would like to hear. It is assumed that you and the DJ can decide when to do this.

When you become engaged

9 to 12 months in advance

6 to 9 months in advance

4 to 6 months in advance

2 to 4 months in advance

6 to 8 weeks in advance

4 to 6 weeks in advance

1-2 weeks in advance

1-3 days in advance

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