Erika snuggled up
14 weeks old

Erika Kueppers Pfeifer

Born November 3, 2004 at 10:39 a.m.

8 lb 5 oz (3770 grams), 21.25" (54 cm) long

12/3/04: 10 lb, 2 oz (4593 grams), 22" (56 cm) long

1/5/05: 11 lb, 13 oz (5358 grams), 23 3/8" (59 cm) long

3/11/05: 15 lb (6.8 kg), 25" (63.5cm) long

5/10/05: 16 lb, 14 oz (7.7 kg), 27 1/4" (69 cm) long

Pictures from Erika's first month

Pictures from Erika's second and third months

Sonja and Erika at the zoo
Sonja and Erika at the Philadelphia Zoo (13 weeks old)
Erika standing (with help)
Erika standing (with help) in her new shoes, aka "sock retention devices" (14 weeks old)
Erika snoozing with Sonja
Erika snoozing in the sling (14 weeks old)
She's so much bigger than she was here!
Erika on her stomach in blue diaper, looking up
Erika showing off her bright blue wool diaper cover (17 weeks old)
Erika sitting on John's chest
Erika and John having fun together (18 weeks old)
Erika lying on the floor playing with toys
Erika playing with her toys (18 weeks old)
Erika riding in her backpack on Sonja's back
We couldn't stop with just one photo here -- click on the photo to see several photos from Erika's first backpack ride. (19 weeks old)
Erika sleeping in her backpack
Here Erika's sleeping in the backpack while visiting the Air & Space Museum Annex. Until she fell asleep, she was finding it all quite fascinating! (20 weeks old)
Erika in a red swing
Here Erika's trying out her very first swing -- she liked it. (21 weeks old)
Erika in the arms of Ulrike
Erika with her great-aunt Ulrike (23 weeks old)
Erika with a stuffed fox, Rick
Erika with Rick, our travelling fox, while visiting her cousins Georg, Angie, and Clara (23 weeks old)
Erika in her doorway bouncer, after haircut
Erika enjoying the doorway bouncer her Grandpa Pfeifer helped install, and showing off her first haircut (24 weeks old)