Erika with her hand in the cabinet
Reaching into the cabinet to rearrange the canned goods. (almost 1 year)

Erika Kueppers Pfeifer

Born November 3, 2004 at 10:39 a.m.

8 lb 5 oz (3770 grams), 21.25" (54 cm) long

12/3/04: 10 lb, 2 oz (4593 grams), 22" (56 cm) long

1/5/05: 11 lb, 13 oz (5358 grams), 23 3/8" (59 cm) long

3/11/05: 15 lb (6.8 kg), 25" (63.5cm) long

5/10/05: 16 lb, 14 oz (7.7 kg), 27 1/4" (69 cm) long

8/12/05: 20 lb, 1 oz (9.1 kg), 28 1/2" (72.4 cm) long

11/16/05: 22 lb, 3 oz (10.1 kg), 29 1/4" (74.3 cm) long

Pictures from Erika's first month

Pictures from Erika's second and third months

Pictures from Erika's fourth and fifth months

Pictures from Erika's sixth through ninth months

Pictures from Erika's tenth through twelfth months

Erika pointing at an outfit
Opening presents at her birthday party. (almost 1 year)
Erika wearing a bright sweater
Erika showing off a birthday sweater. (1 year)
Erika playing the piano
Erika playing the piano at Thanksgiving. (1 year)
Erika playing in the snow
Erika playing in the snow at Christmas (13 months)
Erika opening her stocking
Erika opening her Christmas stocking (13 months)
Erika in her new purple shoes
Erika wearing her new purple shoes (13 months)
Erika sleeping on an airplane
Erika sleeping on an airplane (16 months)
Erika wearing Mama's shoes
Erika wearing Mama's shoes (16 months)
Erika at the computer
Erika using Grandma's computer (16 months)
Erika eating a mozzarella stick
Erika eating a mozzarella stick at Roy's Place (16 months)
Erika looking at a tiger
Erika with a tiger at Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, AZ (17 months)
Erika on John's shoulders, in front of an airplane
Erika and John in front of JFK's Air Force One at Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, AZ (17 months)
Erika with headphones on
Erika's first iPod experience, Dallas Fort Worth Airport (17 months)
Erika touching a goat
Erika with a goat, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary (17 months)
Erika on an old tractor
Erika riding an old tractor at South Mountain Creamery (18 months)
Erika with hair in pigtails
Erika doesn't let me put things in her hair very often (18 months)